Training and Emotion — February 20, 2016

Training and Emotion

In one of our previous posts we talked briefly about the effect of choosing a training modality that you enjoy (here). As mentioned there I want to elaborate a bit on why it makes a difference and on how you can apply it as a individual who works out or as a trainer, so the post is less about the effect of training on the emotional status but the other way round: How do emotions affect training results? I believe the answer can be found in the field of Neurobiology. German scientist Gerald Huether who left the laboratories in order to share the findings of the last decades with the public explains in various lectures how the brain learns.

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The jumping rope – More than just a warm-up — February 5, 2016

The jumping rope – More than just a warm-up

After some general posts about training we want to write about a more practical topic this time and talk about one of our favorite warm-up tools: The jumping rope. Rope skipping is a very nice way of warming up but it is much more than that.

In what ways you can benefit from it will be covered in this post as well as the common types of jumping ropes and what they are used for.


The benefits

First of all, as said before, rope jumping is a very efficient full body warm up. The whole body is involved while, if done correctly, the joints are not over-stressed even when starting cold. The intensity can be gradually increased in different ways, for example by increasing the frequency or by using a different step pattern. Most of the ropes don’t use a lot of space so they are easy to take anywhere you want to use them.


Apart from warming up there are a bunch of attributes that can be developed with rope skipping.

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Training for freedom: The mindset — January 25, 2016
Why do we train? — January 23, 2016

Why do we train?

This question is closely linked to goal setting. What do we want to achieve through our training? That is probably different for every individual. The biggest difference however might be between professional or high level athletes  and the rest of the population. For the first group the goals are pretty clear while for the second group it might be harder to pinpoint. Lets start with the first then.


The professional athlete

For the small group of high level athletes this question is quickly answered. A sprinter wants to run faster, a weightlifter wants to lift more, the footballplayer wants to play better and the professional bodybuilder wants to grow muscles. All their trainig is therefore aimed to maximize their performance in the respective discipline in a certain moment of time, namely their competition.


That being said, most of us don’t fall in that category and will have a totally different answer to that question.


Improving Fitness

“Fitness” is a common answer for maybe the majority of people who work out or want to work out. However, the term fitness is in my personal opinion vastly overused nowadays. Several Fitness magazines print the 4158th version of the best way to get a sixpack and a whole industry is selling an enormous amount of products from nutritional supplements to all kinds of more or less useful training devices and programs.

Fitness can cover a lot of aspects and everyone has his or her very own definition. That can vary from good looks (six-pack, biceps..) to a blend of endurance, strength and sometimes flexibility which is of course different for everyone.



So what is my take on why we train?

I’d say for personal Freedom!

………..What do I mean?

First of all, I will include everything people might relate to Fitness.

I think it’s Freedom… to be able to lift and carry heavier stuff whenever needed, to be able to sprint, run and bike for a while or climbing the stairs over several stories without being completely out of breath.

And the looks? Of course! Or is it not freedom to walk confidently on the beach without feeling the urge to hide?

Also moving without pain and injuries. This is probably the most obvious one because everyone of us has surely experienced pain or an injury and knows how these things can limit ones personal freedom.

And what about having the body doing exactly what we want it to do? How about learning new movements more quickly? Maybe someone invites us to a dancing class, we want to try a martial art, learn a cartwheel or anything else.

But no… “I’m just clumsy, have always been.. I’ll just make a fool out of myself, I’ll never be able to do THAT”.

Yes, some people pick new stuff up quicker than others, some people started gymnastics when they were 4 and others were born in a circus family.

Will we reach that level? Probably not but for sure  we can train to get better in learning new stuff.. and in moving more smoothly, more efficiently, more beautifully, more safely and so on.

All of this is freedom! It means we can actually DO more whenever we need to or just feel like it.

And that is what we train for!


What it actually means for our training will be discussed in one of our coming blogs.


Thanks for reading, hope you enjoyed.





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