Training and Emotion — February 20, 2016

Training and Emotion

In one of our previous posts we talked briefly about the effect of choosing a training modality that you enjoy (here). As mentioned there I want to elaborate a bit on why it makes a difference and on how you can apply it as a individual who works out or as a trainer, so the post is less about the effect of training on the emotional status but the other way round: How do emotions affect training results? I believe the answer can be found in the field of Neurobiology. German scientist Gerald Huether who left the laboratories in order to share the findings of the last decades with the public explains in various lectures how the brain learns.

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The jumping rope – More than just a warm-up — February 5, 2016

The jumping rope – More than just a warm-up

After some general posts about training we want to write about a more practical topic this time and talk about one of our favorite warm-up tools: The jumping rope. Rope skipping is a very nice way of warming up but it is much more than that.

In what ways you can benefit from it will be covered in this post as well as the common types of jumping ropes and what they are used for.


The benefits

First of all, as said before, rope jumping is a very efficient full body warm up. The whole body is involved while, if done correctly, the joints are not over-stressed even when starting cold. The intensity can be gradually increased in different ways, for example by increasing the frequency or by using a different step pattern. Most of the ropes don’t use a lot of space so they are easy to take anywhere you want to use them.


Apart from warming up there are a bunch of attributes that can be developed with rope skipping.

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